MariJMenù, the management application for Cannabis Social Clubs

MariJMenù is the only application that can be used by a web browser dedicated to Cannabis Social Clubs in Spain, compatible with all devices and fully customizable to your needs. We offer you an intuitive web management program, usable from computers with any operating system, Windows, Linux and Mac, or from Android, Apple smartphones and any model and Tablet device, thanks to the adaptable interface that works from the installed browser. Available in three languages, Spanish, English and Italian, its strength is in the characteristics, but also in the simplicity of use, it is developed with an easy, intuitive graphic interface that makes this web application a fast and indispensable tool for all managers of of cannabis clubs (CSC), to better manage members and dispensary.

MariJMenù functions and features:


Upon access you will have a control panel, that is, a first page where you will have control over the daily movements processed and those pending, with the relative totals.

marij menu dashboard


Creating new master data is in two steps without constraints of filling in all data.

Automatically creates a unique 3-digit associated card number.

Search filter by name, surname or associated card number, for easy reference.

You will have the opportunity to acquire and attach Identity Documents, N.I.E. and registration form signed directly by taking the photo from the smartphone from the relevant registry.

Digital signature function with pen directly from smartphone or tablet, consequently automatically creating a printable registration form in PDF file.

Digital signature function as above for “guaranteeing member” with automatic completion of the registration form.

“Associated discount” function on a unit or percentage basis (the discount can be canceled at the time of dispensation).

marij menu anagrafica associati


Default categories Weed, Hash, Bar, Other with the ability to add and edit categories on request.

Item fields: “Item name”, “Description”, “Bank price”, “Cost price”.

Inventories, warehouse loading and unloading.

marij menu anagrafica articoli


Accessible both from the registry list and from the single associated card via a touch button.

By entering the quantity of an item, the program will report the amount in euros, but it can also do the reverse, that is, by entering the total in euros, the program will calculate the relative quantity.

You will have the opportunity to put a payment for each single dispensation on hold and it will not be processed until it is removed from waiting.

You can view both the total and the partial of the pantry.

You will have the possibility to cancel any discount preset in the registry on the member

You will have the possibility to apply a rounding or a counter discount (the operation will be logged and highlighted in the reports with the original and discounted prices).

You can put pantries on hold.

You will have access to a history of what each of your associates dispensed.

marij menu dispensario


Loading and unloading articles through access with username and password, the operator who made it will be registered in every movement.

Minimum stock of items with on-screen notification on the DASHBOARD.

Consultation of stock list.

marij menu anagrafica articoli


MariJMenù provides but does not limit to two types of users, administrator or standard.

The “administrator” user has unlimited permissions.

The “standard” user is limited to the creation of personal data and to use the dispensary.

The standard user therefore, will not be able to change the prices of the items, will not be able to view the general history and on request it is possible to customize other restrictions according to needs.

marij menu livelli utente


Each row of reports has different colors depending on the type of normal movement or with counter discount or master discount.

Warehouse movement filters:

all movements;

from specific date to today;

from one specific date to another;

single article;

article category;

total in grams for hash and weed categories;

total in units per bar category and more.

Filters on dispensary movements:

all movements;

from specific date to today;

from specific date to specific date;

single article;

single member;

total collection report.

We can customize any type of report on request.

Other features of the management application for Cannabis Social Clubs MariJMenù:


We believe that Cannabis Social Clubs are a sensitive subject for the law and we have adapted MariJMenù to work on systems designed to guarantee high level confidentiality and immediate availability of essential management data.


Compatible with the most common precision balances on the market.


Based on your needs, you can ask us to make any changes to the application to adapt it to the management method of your Cannabis Social Club, we will find a tailor-made solution together.